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Monday, November 7, 2011

Chistmas Specials on Security for the Home or Business

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Alarm System Monitoring ONLY $ 23.00 per Month with NO Contracts!

Services We Provide:
Local Service Same Day Service
Friendly Monitoring Station
Budget Billing
Payment Plans on New Security Installations
We can Take Over your old Alarm System as long as your out of your old Contract
Alarm System Servicing only $ 25.00 per Hour
Camera Systems Installed for Only $ 2,100.00
Burglary Systems basic systems only $ 475.00

Contact: Charles Patrick for Security Appointment

                                                      Lynx Plus Alarm Kit 
                                   Installed $ 475.00 

                                                        DSC-9047 Wireless Alarm Package
                                       ONLY $ 475.00 Installed
                                            DSC-1832 Alarm Kits
                                            Only $ 475.00 Installed

Thursday, October 7, 2010

" You'r One Stop Online Security Shop "

Contact: Charles L. Patrick      Hours of Operation: Mon - Sun  8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
8139 City View Dr.                      ( We are Your One Stop Online Security Shop )
Thornton, CO  80229
Office: (303) 227-9843

Payment Plans Available

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Please Support Your Local Businesses in the Communities that you live in .
We all help stimulate they economy and keep money moving. We at Colorado Security Services.Org no
how hard you work, we try our best to keep the prices of Home & Business Security at the lowest
cost to you the consumer. If none of us Support Small Business, the Economy will only get worse money
must keep moving I know Securing your home is a big dissuasion, we at Colorado Security Services can break the payments of the Installation into 2 Payments Half Down before the Installation and the balance in 30 Days after that you own the Equipment your Not LEASE they Equipment for 3 Years. If a company tells you that they can give you a FREE INSTALLATION of Security the correct terminology would be that they will lease you the panel for 3 Years. If you complete all the payments you will receive the panel at the end of the Lease. I have seen some companies say to Businesses that they need to sign a personal guaranty, what you are signing is a promissory note to the company saying that if the Business fails that you will carry they enter 3 Years, even if the Business fails, what they might move it to your home for a FEE of $ 99.00 with this FEE we will  move the panel to your home so you can finish paying off the Lease on the Panel.Don't Forget that 30 Days before your Lease Ends If you decide to go else where for your monitoring you need to give that company a NOTICE OF CANCELLATION TO THAT COMPANY DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A GOOD DEAL TO YOU!!
We at Colorado Security Services.Org can Monitor your home or Business for ONLY $ 15.00 per month know that's a good deal. Security Panels are not FREE but with 2 Payments it makes it a little more affordable to you the consumer. I hope this has helped in they understanding of the Contracts you are signing with the larger alarm companies.

Thank You for Listening, Charles L. Patrick CEO
Colorado Security Services.Org

Colorado Security Services.Org Welcomes You!
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"Please Check Our Web Site Link for Pricing"

Don't Forget to Ask about our Alarm Monitoring it's only    $ 23.00 Per Month with no Contracts - Credit Checks or Personal Guaranties

Burglary - Fire - Audio - CCTV - Access Control -Tel-co - Alarm Monitoring & More!


DSC - 9047 Alarm Kit
Comes with
DSC - 9047 Alarm Keypad
3/ DSC- Transmitter's for your
1/ Wireless Pet Immune Motion
1/ 4 Button Remote control
1/ Transformer 12 Volt
1/ 12 Hour Back-Up Battery
Total Cost: $ 375 + Tax ( Installed )

Lynx Plus Package comes with
1/ Lynx Plus Panel
1/ Transformer
1/ 12 Hour Battery Back-Up
3/ Wireless Transmitters for Door/Windows
1/ Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector
1/ Wireless 4 Button Remote
Total Cost $ 425 + Tax ( Installed )

DSC -1832 Hardwired Alarm Kit
Comes With:
1/ DSC-1832 Alarm Panel
1/12 Hour Back-Up Battery
1/5501RFPK Keypad with built in receiver
3 3/8 Recces Door or Window Contacts
1 Bravo 600 Pet Immune Hardwired Motion
1 Wireless 4 Button Remote Control

Only $ 585.50 + Tax ( Installation Included

Drive Way Announcer
This device has a Wireless Transmitting Motion requiring a 9 Volt Battery
Wireless Transmitter 110 Volt Plug-In Transmitter plugs in any where has 3 Volume Adjustments and will transmit up-to 2000 feet away from motion

This device is good for Front Door Entry way when you need to no when someone is entering building and you are working in the back room has been tested in Printing shops and works in noisy environments.

Total Cost is: $ 260.00 + Tax

Ganz 4 Camera System with Computer Ganz DVR Unit 500GB HDD & Internet Ready True Triplex Operation & 4 Channel 24 Volt A/C Power Supply By Altronics  Comes with 4 Bullet Day/Nite Cameras with Built in LEDS by Clinton Use Indoor or Outdoor with Remote Viewing & Remote Control for Fast Recall with 500' Si mess Coax plus Power Built in

Cost: $ 2,100.00 + Tax Installation Included
         ( Monitor Not Included )

* Weather you are in need of a new Installation

* We Carry a large variety of Parts from Alarm,
Tel co,Front Door Announcers,Camera,Card Access,
Intercommunication, Telephone Repairs

* Pre-Wiring your new home
* Re-modeling your Existing Home
* Replacing Contracts
* Up-Grading you System
* If you just Need Alarm Monitoring
* If you have Window Alarm Contacts Change Out or having new Windows Installed that are contacted
* If you Need Cameras to be Installed
* Just Need a Quote

 Call Today for an Estimate on your Security Installation
We also carry a wide variety of Parts for Ademco - DSC - Camera Systems - Gantz - Pelco - Honeywell - Digimerge - Altronics - More!